saturdays 21:00 CEST

The grand tournament

competitive 1v1 duels

Double elimination, up to 64 duelists, everyone fights at least twice, open for all factions

In a nutshell


6.000g are sponsored by the Truthbringers treasury and distributed 3000-2000-1000 among the top 3 gladiators. For the first tournament in the series, there will not be an entry fee.


Double Elimination ("with loser bracket") with up to 64 duelists.

How many matches?

Best of 1 in Ro64, Ro32, Ro16
Best of 3 in Quarterfinals and Semifinals
Best of 5 in Finals

All weapons except life staff

Life Staff has been balanced for use in large-scale PvP and Raidboss encounters, which means its healing output is too strong to allow for interesting 1v1 dynamics. Consequently, it is currently banned.

This week's Location



The Details

Modus and rules

1) PvP has to be disabled while you’re not fighting, duelists will activate PvP on the shrine next to our tournament grounds before their fights. Don’t attack your enemy before the fight begins!

2) For our first tournament, Life Staff is banned due to the unfun nature of the weapon in 1v1s. Life Staff is tuned for much more healing than one person can put out damage and is not fun to watch due to this reason. We are working on a solution to have Life Staff in our next tournament!

3) Potions, honing stones and food are allowed and encouraged, use them strategically to your advantage!

4) The matches will be done one by one. If there are enough registrations, we will be holding multiple duels at once with a „show match“ in the center of the arena and the other parallel matches to the sides.

5) The modus will be double elimination („with loser bracket“). All matches are best of one until the quarterfinals, where we will have Bo3 and in the final we will see a Bo5.

6) No toxicity, only friendly banter. If you insult your enemy or any other duelist, you’re out of the tournament and not welcome in further tournaments.

7) While betting would be a cool feature, it’s hard to organize. We promise we’ll work on a system, but we don’t have it today.

8) Any interference with the ongoing fights will get you instantly banned from all further tournaments.

Additional Information

Where? Between Boarsholm and the „Shrine of Sisyphos“ in Restless Shore, along the cliff. The cliff is reserved for spectators while the fighters fight in the plains among the crocodiles for added strategic depth!
Who? Everyone, be it Syndicate, Marauders, or Covenant!
When? Please be at the Shrine of Sisyphos with PvP disabled at 20:45 CEST.
What’s in it for you? Quite a lot actually! For the first tournament in the series, there will be no entry fee, so just sign up, try your luck, and have some light-hearted fun without fiber-running or iron-grinding for once!
How to sign up? Head over to the tournament channel and register with our Tournament Manager Bot! The bot will send out brackets once the tournament begins.
What’s next? If 1v1s are not your cup of tea, don’t worry: from next week on, we will also be hosting a 3v3 series on the weekends, so get your friends on board, check your composition and develop a strategy!
For everyone who would just like to watch the spectacle unfold and not fight, please be our guest! You’re invited to come to the fighting grounds, join the discord Voice Channel, take your position on the cliffs and listen to the commentary by the Casters. Feel free to chime in to the talks and discussions between the duels!

Meet The (tentative) Casters


Max | KahlanA

Truthbringers Founder & Coffee Snob

Ice Gauntlet & Fire Staff


Iri | Zyvv

Truthbringers War Lead

Sword and Shield & Greataxe

Last week's winner

TBD - we're excited already!
Hopefully not a Greataxe player