New World - EU - rocabarra - Covenant


Control & Influence

Dependable for our allies, intimidating for our adversaries, decisive and diligent in our actions.

Our values

Keep it Scientific

You have a strong opinion? That's great!
Please make it so that everyone can fully appreciate your genius.

STrive to win

We love to play, but we also really love to win.
If that's your mindset, feel at home.
Of course, all of us have bad days, too.

Improve constantly - together!

We help each other out and put people before objectives.
We consider a strong bond between members the basis for long term success.

Fun comes first

Not having fun?
Log off, take a walk, call your mother once in a while (she'll thank us), and come back tomorrow with a smile.

Our Focus

what our members say

Since joining Truthbringers, my self confidence is skyrocketing and by now I feel like a pro gamer chad.
A few more months and I 'll have the courage to propose to my e-girl gamer girlfriend!
Jonathan Smith
Greataxe player

Get out of your

Comfort Zone

By joining Truthbringers you forfeit all rights to your hard earned in-game money for the first 5 days after release. Excess cash should be deposited into the company bank regularly, punishable by „Despacito“ on repeat in proximity voice when not followed. 

Keep in Touch!

Pan-European Community
Conversational language is English, smaller groups speaking Dutch, German and other languages.

For everything else, please contact me via Discord
Max | Kahlan#7987